InterNational School Award

From Principal's Desk

Yuva Principal

Geetha Jayachandran


“Life is a Marathon, not a sprint. Pausing to reflect is not a privilege – it’s a must.”

Did we ever realise that we are all hooked to a new addiction called “Busy- ness”? We are in a mad rush towards everything –our work, meeting deadlines, handling relationships, acquiring material possessions, competing with one another. Is this rush going to give us the happiness and contentment that everybody is looking for? If that be the case, we should see only smiling faces all around. On the contrary, all that we see are tensed, frowning, agitated, preoccupied faces across all age groups.

It’s disheartening to see kids not experiencing happiness. Living under a constant pressure to perform has robbed them of their childhood happiness. They are not prototype models programmed uniformly. They are individuals, unique in their own ways. Unfortunately their life is entirely planned and programmed by parents who miss out on understanding their strengths and weaknesses. In fact children are the busiest people now with their entire day scheduled with all kinds of coaching classes.

Give them time to breathe-pause-reflect. You might even argue with me that our culture warrants that kind of busy life style- But ask yourself -At what cost?

Even as adults it becomes necessary to break in-between and take stock of the situation. We are here for a productive and more meaningful life. Train yourself, your kids to take a PAUSE – an intentional stop. That pause helps you to make more conscious choices that are not reactive but responsive. Life happens and if we are driven by the autopilot mode, we miss out on a lot of precious moments.

Be aware of this one life, precious life on earth – it’s worth living happily.

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